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Our values
Be Inspired!

The Propeller Trust supports young people with special needs. It’s a special place, where every student moves forward on their own trajectory. We never stand still!


Our Headteachers create enriched curriculums which enable our young people to move through society, with academic achievements, life experiences and emotional, communication & sensory skills. 


The Trust is the enabler for creating opportunities, working with Headteachers to deliver what our next generation of students need.

Every young person has a personalised journey - everyone is different!


Our schools have their own identity and values. However, we come together with a shared vision, mutual respect and amazing resources. In return we are a collective team of passionate staff, who believe anything is possible!


Our Schools

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What makes us different
  • Contributing to the education landscape

    As a Trust, we aim to contribute to the national strategy for SEN, whether its one of our Headteachers who sits in the county funding forum, or our Chief Operations Officer who works with the DfE commercial teams to support the business infrastructure in schools or providing outreach support to SEN children in mainstream schools locally.  We do this at every level, because our leaders are passionate individuals who care and see the long term benefits for our young people.

  • Contributing to the education landscape

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Our facilities
  • Our sponsors and supporters

    We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors and supporters, and are delighted to have more recently worked with WPA, St James's Place, The Fairhill Foundation, Davinci, The Ray Collins Charitable Trust and The Ernest Cook Trust on the many exciting projects they have helped bring to our children.

    On December 7th 2022, funding received from The Payne Gallwey Charitable Trust enabled 20 of our young people to practice the curriculum learning and planning skills they have been working on this year. With a budget in mind, they planned their journey, used public transport, ordered a meal, and ultimately visited the Lyceum theatre to watch a performance of The Lion King where they also got to meet 'Scar'!

    We also remain grateful for the tireless work of our Parent Associations within each of our schools.