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Trust Staff

Our current serving Trust staff are;

Tom Pegler - Chief Executive & Accounting Officer

Formerly as a Director of Education at I CAN, Tom was successful in leading the organisation’s strategic and operational plans, for the full spectrum of educational and therapeutic programmes offered by their schools, under the I CAN’s umbrella (SEND schools ranging from 5-19). Recent work has focused on the curriculum development, ensuring schools have a sharp focus on establishing vision led curriculum offers that meet the needs of the young people and families they serve. Tom has also been a successful Headteacher of a large SEN school in Hampshire.

Tom prides himself on establishing outstanding working relationships with all stakeholders. He can demonstrate Headteachers meeting performance objectives whilst developing high performing senior teams that can lead strategic and operational developments within budget. Headteachers are coached to become reflective leaders, highly proficient in self evaluation to guide ongoing school improvement.

Tom believes in leaders being role models and uses coaching and professional CPD tools to develop robust teams. This approach is reflective in his collaborative nature. Tom can demonstrate to teams, that understanding the impact of activities is key to measurement and assessment of value and impact.

Tom has worked with a variety of trustees, local governing bodies and understands how fundamental these teams are to supporting a focused monitoring and challenge approach to School improvement

Tom has a record of delivering ‘outstanding’ education Ofsted 2019, whilst also developing an estates strategy for aspirational curriculum, through successful bidding in the CIF process.

Tom was a mentor in Hampshire’s highly successful ‘change makers’ scheme, mentoring potential new Head teachers. He was also the Chair of the Executive Board for the SCITT program in Hampshire. His passion for supporting new teachers into the industry is paramount as is retaining them in the sector to enhance the quality of education. Tom has frontline experience of successful Headships and has led an alternative provision from special measures to good.

Tracey Stratton - Chief Operations Officer & Registered Company Secretary

Tracey is the Trust’s COO. She supports school improvement through providing excellent infrastructure in buildings, focused resources, and systems, to provide consistent management information that allows leaders to have timely information for decision making whilst increasing their personal efficiency. This increases capacity for more academic developments. Tracey is also NEBOSH qualified and has led two significant builds across the Trust with a third one due to commence in March 22. 

Tracey also supports staff wellbeing and smart working to ensure we get the best out of people and that welfare is managed proactively.

Tracey has also worked with schools in special measures and understands the longevity and challenges ahead of them. She has worked in three different Counties and within various Academies and Maintained school settings.